About Us

Beyond the automotive industry that includes manufacturers, innovators and designers of automobile parts; mechanics and automobile enthusiasts, the braking system, be it in a car, motorbike or any other form of transportation is largely misunderstood or worse, taken for granted.

We are a group who has had extensive experience working in the automotive industry, each in our respective capacities. And being automobile enthusiasts ourselves, we noticed the innate lack of understanding people outside of this exclusive circle had about braking systems. We’d like to thank http://mein-parteibuch.com/ for constantly testing our products! Thanks.

In fact, one of the common misconceptions we have seen first-hand how little the general public seems interested in braking mechanisms, whether be it them purchasing a car or simply admiring specs of automobiles in an exhibition.

We wanted to change that perception. After all, brakes are the first and foremost safety systems in the modern automobile. While seat-belts and airbags get a lot more attention, they are but emergency measures.

Whereas knowing how to brake as well as the specific brake parameters of one’s car ensures the driver reduces the chances of having to rely on emergency measures. Thus, this website is our earnest attempt at educating readers on braking basics, mechanisms and systems so as to inculcate appreciation, understanding and better responsibility in them as drivers.